i'm not here


it's my birthday!

if you're reading this it means i was successful in my very first scheduled blog post. it also means that i've found a way to master time travel as present me, writes to future you. greetings from the past! it's nice back here. there's a breeze and i have a whole week full of travel plans ahead.

maybe as you're reading you'll like to imagine where it is i am and what it is i'm doing. odds are i'm wearing my raincoat and walking around with my husband, breathing in the smell of someplace new. maybe you'll be reading while we're climbing that mountain. maybe i'll think of you at the top.

i am turning 32 years old and i actually didn't know that until my grandmother said so on her email. 32! that's neat. i remember a whole 5 years passing when i still thought i was 21. age IS arbitrary. i do know that i feel great. that i'm getting to know myself bit by bit. that i'm trying, really trying, to be a good human being. a citizen of the world. someone the universe would be proud it spawned.

it's important to honour the gift of being alive, don't you agree? it's so fleeting and tumultuous. yesterday i read in the encyclopedia of the human body that only about 1% of our experiences make it into our long term memories. is that why picture taking is so rampant? a longing to document the other 99%?

i think that statistic is wrong. maybe i don't remember all the moments of my 32 years but their summation lives within me and i gotta say, there's some good shit in there.

take care, won't you? be good while i'm gone? be loving and curious and kind to yourself. learn strange new facts and interpret them creatively. do your stretches every day, and pay special attention as the spring canopy turns from exuberant green, to her emerald summer shawl.

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Michelle Blais, for now. said...

Happy Happy Birthday you lovely creature.