mountain climbers

one of the funnest activities we engaged in on our couples camping weekend (aside from couples napping and couples eating of delicious food) was the couples climb to the top of a mountain.

it's called 'the crack' which is a name that makes me uncomfortable because i am 12 and because there are no small number of hilarious opportunities to use its name for witty and embarrassing jokes. journey up the crack!

it's a 4 hour hike, almost half of which is some degree of upwards. during the final leg you climb/scamper/drag yourself up and over large, tumbled boulders to one of the most spectacular views i've seen in my lifetime.

we had snacks up there, consulted a map of the area, and hung around, feeling like the wilderness was limitless and we were at its summit.

it was good to go early as we hardly saw anyone save for another couple and a small adorable family (complete with dog and young child in backpack), but passed quite a few on the way back. we also saw black bears barreling through the woods beside us which felt exciting and rare.

sometimes i like to force myself to answer random either/or propositions. if i had to choose mountains or ocean, for instance, what would i choose. although i need to do more research this trek was one strong push in the direction of mountains. rocks formed billions of years ago, before plants or animals even existed, and here i am jumping about them with all my energy and might.

okay, great, yes please.


steph said...

spectacular views. SPECTACULAR ASS. i'm sorry but it needed to be said. i could bounce a boulder off that thing!!!

Jennyflower's Mom said...

Honestly, it was mind-blowing for me to see these pictures of you on the rocks and climbing the "crack". I know that place like the back of my hand and it is good for my soul to see you there, enjoying it so much, in a place that feels like home to me Being on rocks that are a billion years old feels sacred and amazing all at the same time. Thank you, thank you, a thousand times thank you for these wonderful images!

lily said...

I agree with your Mom, and with Steph! Beautiful views. Beautiful ass. ;) xoxo

steph said...

i like how jeremy always has his hand on your ass