misty morning

one morning, just the two of us got up early. we ate granola with yogurt from our camping mugs. 

we made coffee. we made steam.

we climbed to the top of a granite rock and watched as the sun spread warmly, slowly, evenly.

we felt the rocks warm, 

we felt the coffee warm, 

we felt our toes warm where they touched in the middle. do you know my grandpa's ashes have been scattered here? that killarney is a special place to my family? 

it only makes sense that we'd end up here together. with our matching hearts and hikers.


steph said...

awww you cute booties.

Jennyflower's Mom said...

I know that rock! It's as beautiful as I remember. My heart will always belong there - with the rocks, the trees, the beautiful lakes and the quiet peaceful beauty. So glad for you being there together, connected to the past yet creating your own memories

steph said...