living on the daytime side of mercury

did you know that one half of the planet mercury is perpetually day and the other perpetually night? how poetic. someone should write a book about two people who fall in love, one from the day side and the other from the night and they meet in the middle where it's always the afternoon.

i like to yell out the window to the stray cats that walk by. they stop and look my way as though they're listening. they continue on unmoved.

i know it's nuts and it's just february but it's starting to feel like spring. or like the time that comes just before spring. the spring pre-show. the air smells different and the daylight's stretching longer and i can't stop daydreaming of thawed, rich dirt.

i'm reading norwegian wood. it's beautiful and heartbreaking and simple and complex, like everything i've read by murakami so far.

do you know the saying "for every language that is learned, you gain another soul" - that's the best marketing for linguistics i've ever heard. i want five souls! and i want one of them to be russian!

although completely arbitrary and without any of its own meaning but that which we ascribe it, saturday is my all time favourite day of the week.


steph said...

i found myself in the murakami section at indigo last weekend and i didnt know which one to choose!!! i needed you. what one should i read??

jennifer sorrell said...

oooo fun question!

i think you would really like norwegian wood. it's his only totally realistic novel and it's a love story and it's been called the japanese version of a catcher in the rye. i don't know if i agree with that but i can definitely see why it's been said.

wind up bird chronicle is my all time favourite, though. and if you're feeling really ambitious, 1Q84 was pretty spectacular.