i do my loving all year round

valentine's day seems to me, a silly occasion. what are we doing to celebrate february 14th that we aren't doing all the other days? professing our love a little louder? purchasing heart shaped confections as proof of our emotions?

maybe the point of a tradition is the tradition itself. we engage in things knowing we're part of a community that's doing the same. we feel connected through our giving and receiving of sentiments and flowers. we are human beings and we are in love! and we are showing each other by buying things!

yeah i just don't get it. i plan to show jeremy how much i love him and i plan to spend zero dollars doing it. after all, the very best gifts are free and come from the heart. they also come from the inside of a bottle of champagne and we have a gift certificate.

happy loving.



steph said...

i TOTALLY and fully agree with you, and share the same view. however, there is something to be said for tradition, to feel romantic about tradition. up here the men think- if i don't bring my woman flowers on valentines day, i'm in the doghouse. which is ridiculous, and i am happy to say i am far from a ridiculous woman (in that respect anyway). but i find something charming about it all the same, the dopey collectiveness to it I guess. the silliness, it's fun. plus I'm not gonna argue with flowers.
happy loving to you, in your ever-lovely way. xo

Anonymous said...

I like this, but i wouldnt say no to some dollars.