my husband, the artist.

so jeremy sorrell is a big time artiste. he's the last guy to admit it too which makes him an adorable genius and me the luckiest wife ever on christmas morning. he made me SO many cool things this year.

like this moss terrarium. he called it 'christmas in the cretaceous' and it's a mini ecosystem complete with soil and plant matter and the tiniest snails you ever did see. also velociraptors and a brontosaurus.

and this taxidermy style nature plate on which he's made all the bugs out of various leaves, seeds, pods and twigs. collected from our many out of door walks and shoved in his pockets quickly, so i wouldn't notice.

this is a golem and jeremy made him out of clay. the mystical symbols he carved in his body bring the golem to life. he'll spend his short life serving his master, (me) before his clay body crumbles and his glowing heart fades. until then he's lovely to look at, lit up with tea-lights on the window ledge.

i love his heavy, curled hands. and that i've never heard of a golem before jeremy made me one. and that i'm married to jeremy.

and lastly there's this! the pièce de résistance! i actually don't have a favourite thing but i love this one a lot and i love using that term so there you have it.

this is the moon, complete with its proper craters and ridges, and a sky full of stars and a little house looking on.

it's plasticine on canvas and jeremy said it's our house in the future in the winter. presently it hangs in our bedroom where i can look at it in the moments before i fall asleep and think about the moon and the ground and the space in between.

amazing, eh?! i am amazed. i am blessed and i am amazed and i am selling tickets in advance to jeremy's first show.


Alison Kilpatrick said...

He really is an artiste! They're all so beautiful. I would love to wonder around your apartment one day and explore. Wait, does that sound creepy?

jennifer sorrell said...

only if it was dark and we didn't know you were coming?

thank you!!

Jennyflower's Mom said...

Wow! So very cool! He really does have a brillant artiste in there. Glad to see it spilling out in such wonderful ways!

melly said...

Oh my darling. I love this. Love that beautiful picture. I'm glad you described it to me in the car ride first before I saw this post so I could imagine all the lovely things first. See you tomorrow. *sigh*

steph said...

he IS amazing. how does a person just inherently know how to do this?!!