it's this moment right here

i'm sitting at home watching love actually. the wrapping is done and the fridge is full. when jeremy gets home we're going out to get the christmas hens and share an assortment of pastries over giant mugs of something hot.

later we're making ginger molasses cookies. later still we're listening to a holiday special on the cbc.

this is the sweet spot of christmas, isn't it? when all the preparations come together and you relax into the season that has taken on a tempo of its own. you enjoy. you eat. you drink. you sing. your home is brimming with warmth and food and presents waiting for their shining moment.

these are all shining moments. sparkling little collective gems of joy and peace, i think of everyone celebrating something and am filled with nostalgia and hope and milky sweet tea.

merry merry.

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Jennyflower's Mom said...

Ah,I love how you can put words to those things that others can only feel. Enjoy.