you don't make pickles in the bed

PICKLES! i love pickles. i also love making pickles and mini breaks that start in the middle of week and nachos. just now, (real time update!) jeremy walked out of the kitchen with nachos and some fresh salsa he'd just thrown together and you know what i'm thinking? i'm thinking i'm the luckiest meerkat in the manor.

life is good. and not just if you're a jar of pickles in a hot tub.

pickles are actually really easy to make you just have to keep everything clean and hot and it's more of a study in assembly, than cooking. and i adore assembly. and jeremy. not equally though i love jeremy more.

and now we wait for three months for them to be ready so we can finally have our grilled cheese party.

good day to you! and good rest of your week, you're almost there.



steph said...

i may have to time visiting perfectly with that

melly said...

grilled cheese party! I'll bring the homemade ketchup!


Jennyflower's Mom said...

Ah-h, grandpa would be proud :) They look yummy!! And I'm all in for that party. Three months you say? Right aroound the time for my visit! Woo-woo!