let's see here

one day i'll get more topics than 'jeremy, camping, and clouds shaped like hearts' but for now! that's what you're stuck with! maybe you knew that going in? i hope so.

last weekend we were camping at balsam lake. it's about a two hour drive from toronto, heading towards the kawarthas, so even though you're on a highway it's a one-laner, passing chip wagons and drive-in theatres.

our site was a hike-in spot. it was quite secluded actually, if it wasn't for a trailhead close by and some trips to the beach when the sun demanded, we wouldn't have seen a soul.

we took pictures of mushrooms.

we took pictures of clouds.

we pulled all the nails out of this beautiful, silently suffering tree.

we spent a lot of time in the dining tent, safe from bugs and rain and the rest of the world.

we cooked over the fire, we read our books, we ate mel's cherry preserves with crackers and brie.

if you built a time machine and set it randomly to any one of our many camping trips you'd find it hard to determine in which one you'd landed. the changes limited to the length of my hair and the number of layers we have on, those key components, (the food, the set up, the close relationship with dirt), remain unchanged.

like my love for jeremy, my love for trees, and my love for peeing in the woods like a wild animal.


Anonymous said...

Youre an animal!

steph said...

i think of you guys every time im camping, even though we've never been camping together, it feels like we have! and we will one day.

anyway i used to go to balsam lake with my family when i was a kid! cool!

jennifer sorrell said...

that IS cool!!
i wonder what site you stayed at? i bet you loved swimming in the lake and sunning your buns on that beach.

Jennyflower's Mom said...

I love that you love dirt and trees and peeing in the woods. I've never been prouder ;)