my international mom

international anythings can feel so lofty. while lofty is good when connective and empowering, i prefer to mold it into something personal and meaningful. people take action when things directly impact them and while linking up to the larger notion is important, why it matters to you is equally so.

when i think about women's day, i think about my mom. about how she raised me and provided for me and how she was brave in the face of not always knowing the answers. i get my creative bone from her. i get my restless bone from her. i get my philanthropic bone from her.

i look at her now, still creating and questioning and wondering what she'll do with her life, and i am inspired by her commitment to keep trying. i'm inspired by her relationship to my step-dad and i'm inspired by our own relationship that's changed and grown and become a real and honest friendship.

international women's day is about human rights and sexual rights and the rights of women to have a voice without boundaries. it's also about me, thanking you, for everything.


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Jennyflower's Mom said...

Aw, shucks...
And thank you Jennifer for your love and friendship. It inspires me and brings me great joy.