firstly, owls. lastly, jeremy.

oh hi! i've been expecting you. why don't you make yourself comfortable while i show you around? there's been some updates since our last visit.

like this guy! who knew we needed more owls? besides me? although i feel he could pass for a rectangle man with a mustache. which will become its own kitschy craze i'm sure.

for the none of you who don't already know, i planted a succulent garden. steph was here when i got the plants and jeremy lives with me so they've already met the family. the containers are all second hand from etsy. i love the little green one best of all. but don't tell the bread pan that.

i like to leaf through the encyclopedia. it is such an enjoyable method of procuring information. i read the page, i turn the page, i flip to the index to find another page. i smell it (smells like library) and i see it and i hold it on my lap. i feel like an active participant in my learning.

when i went to school for journalism we had a crazy teacher who liked to rant about the importance of tangible printed pieces versus their electronic equivalents. i think about her often as i'm browsing through a musty volume of something or other. it's always the crazy ones eh? which says something. possibly about me.

i love jeremy. i didn't intend to take a photo of him here but i love that he's in the background. i love that he IS the background. whatever i do and whoever i am and whatever hair brained idea i'm dreaming up whilst standing on my head until i pass out - he's there. to catch me and love me and possibly revive me from unconsciousness.

i wish everyone could be so lucky. i also wish for an ice cream you could eat quickly without head trauma.


steph said...

the succulents look so good and happy in those carefully procured pots!
i also love that jeremy stayed in the exact position he was in when i last left him. steadfast, that husband of yours. ;)

Miss Yu said...

OHHHH I love your owl! Where did you get him? OMG

jennifer sorrell said...

HA Steph. that is his 'studying' position. x

etsy etsy etsy! everything is from etsy.