and on his farm he had a mom

my mom came to visit! and i took her to riverdale farm! she liked the pigs best. she dug their curly tails and round bottoms and laissez faire attitude toward personal hygiene.

it's a working farm, open year-round, free to the public and full of opportunities to see farm animals cared for the way farm animals should be. no 25 cent feed in an ice cream cone here! you're actually not even allowed to feed the animals. just watch them and take pictures of them and cluck at them in the case of these chickens.

i also scratched this guys ear which he liked a lot. i could tell because his pupils turned into little hearts.

hi mom! aw mom. what a wonderful lady. it's been a year since we've seen each other but as they say in the greeting card business, it was like no time had passed.

i like that mom knew me from the beginning. that she remembers me before even i can. she reminds me that the essence of myself has been the same since i was small.

which means i'm intrinsically youthful or really immature.

fall has been good to us this year. the leaves have been a treat to watch and walk through since early october. i'll think about them, underfoot, when the snow sets its blanket down for the winter.

the sides of the farmhouse were dotted with these brick shelves that extended out beyond the walls. excellent for mountain climbing practice or displaying family photos.

i love horses. they're one of my top five favourite animals. i think they quite obviously have souls or some type of similar knowingness which is a word that i made up that explains what i mean better than using a word that already exists.

they know stuff. like whether or not you're the sort of person who will let them get away with just eating the grass when you're attempting to ride them around.

and what sort of natural lighting they look best in.

good-bye riverdale farm! i'll bring jeremy with me next time. he's a hoot.


kay zee said...

Awww draw a wee picture of the goat with heart-shaped pupils.. I Love it!

Jennyflower's Mom said...

Great day Jennifer! And awesome always :)