let's share stuff with each other.

i am a notorious starter and stopper of activities. i have four pairs of ballet shoes, a yoga mat and a t-shirt from a tai chi studio. i love the idea of dancing and stretching and meditating through motion but i'll sign up for a class and before long i'll be going to great lengths to justify not going.

i like to believe it's because i'm so free spirited but probably it's because i am so lazy. and because i get enough exercise doing my nightly frog and cane dance routine.


steph said...

floral arranging comin up!

Miss Yu said...

Aw remember when we went to that tai chi class together?

Jennyflower's Mom said...

Hahahaha!!! This is so-o funny!! I can totally relate!!
And by the way, I expect to see that frog and cane dance when I visit :)