all the news that is the news

where is that line from? i think it's from popular culture somewhere but it could also just be something my grandpa made up. i love childhood memories that you mistake for real life truths.

steph came for a visit! i took friday off work and jeremy too and we started the fun with some warm banana pancakes by a bright sunny window.

she came on friday and left on monday and it went by in fifteen seconds and i really enjoyed all fifteen of them. when i went to deflate the (very fancy) air mattress i saw a blue crocheted flower attached to my bag that she'd left me as a treat and it made me feel nice.

come back any time! like tomorrow for example! we can hang out more in the sunroom. xox


steph said...

AWWWWW i miss you and your succulents already.

thank you SO much. it really was a lovely time. a lovely delicious one. with the most beautiful frog dancing.

Miss Yu said...