spell check suggests 'nothingness' for 'amazingness'

those two things are like opposites so if spell check was 'opposite word check' that would have been a successful suggestion. as it stands it's inappropriate and way off the mark.

i cut my finger slicing a bagel on monday, i guess i've been a bit distracted because my work office moved and it's september and last i checked it was june. being with jeremy has made me hyper aware of time and how i need more of it because i need more of it with him.

i want to sit in all those moments in between now and when we're old. i want to sit comfortably in them in a reclining chair with a cup of tea that takes hours to cool.

i started ballet again and am glad to say the slipper still fits. my teacher had the same corrections, (lean forward pull up pull out with your plie) and the same compliments (nice arm sharp tondu good expression) and i found myself feeling at home even after a year.

i guess that's the thing about home. you can always return there in your unitard.


steph said...

that is the thing about you xoxo

Anonymous said...

You always were a ballerina at heart :)