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my mom used to take photos of us on our first day of school each year. one shot eating cereal looking tired but cute in our new school outfits and one shot walking up the laneway to catch the yellow bus. it stuck with me as tradition that every event should be marked by an early morning photo in a new school suit.

this is jeremy in his school suit. it's his very first day of school with his english muffin in the background and his just awake face on. it's 5am and his bags are packed for the (big) bus ride to buffalo to teachers college and a future of little children falling in love with their mr. sorrell. i would have made him valentines hearts out of construction paper with white doily borders. i would have made glitter letters with sparkles and glue.

i'm so proud of you sweetie! every single day and in that day every single moment and outside that day i meet you in the sky and we give each other a galactic high five because we know how lucky we are. because we know in the end we'll be neighboring stars.

i can't wait to help with the lesson planning.


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Jennyflower's Mom said...

Isn't he a cutie on his first day of school! Good luck Jeremy! Of course Jennifer was pretty cute herself!