to the moon, alice!

when life hands you lemons, you make lemonade. and when the mirrored art things in the bedroom fall off the wall, you take that as a sign that the wall wants something new to wear.

shopping for your bedroom is fun too. it's like a really easy room to forget about because it's just for sleeping and that other thing but such a nice nest to feather when you get into it.

what do we want to look at when we go to sleep? when we wake up? i think we need a dreamcatcher too i've been having crazy dreams lately. or one of those frog sound machines. or i can just start making those sounds myself.

so far for the wall we like the idea of an old moon map.

or one of these charley harper posters.

or this cool set that may be meant for elementary school children but who the hell do they think they are.

i think the moon map's in the lead but we might put up a couple small prints of the others. and later we'll build a hammock bed and paint the walls blue and pretend we're taking naps under the sea.


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exactly like that
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