we got jeremy's lamp from an antique store in a barn near where we got married. there were so many treasures there we also took home the red bench that sits by our front door and the floor lamp that stands by our couch. my favourite thing about buying antiques is how they've had this history without you that you can imagine.

i always wonder if they like their new home best. or where i would fit in the story of their life.

that picture is a woodcut print of a camping trailer near a lake lined with trees in the moonlight. we found it on etsy so my next favourite thing to old things with history are new things made by people you can read about. the artist emailed to make sure it arrived safe and i told him it had and he said he was 'very, very glad'.

i liked the two very's.

we won this guy from ebay to hang over the intercom and muffle the buzz when the pizza guy comes. you can re-adjust his eyeballs, up and down, on the yarn that their attached to. he's from the 60's which means he's older than us both which means we need to listen when he talks. or hoots. or buzzes through his centre.

there's one more picture to complete the mantle. it's one of our feet swinging over a boardwalk with lily pads at the top. it looks like summer and reminds me how nice things feel when they're blowing through your toes.

i love to stare at the picture on the left as the picture stares back at me with two familiar faces. our faces frozen in time.

i like to think of staring still when we no longer recognize those faces, when ours have grown long and tired, but still with that smile underneath.


steph said...

wow i LOVE the frames and the pictures. love love love. you guys have awesome style.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the peek into the lives of Jennifer and Jeremy! It was nice.