a good egg omen.
OH HELLO! what a sight for sore winter snow glasses you are. do robins even go anywhere for the winter? i think i've seen them around the whole season but maybe that's just other birds in robin costumes making themselves feel like spring.

hey, whatever gets you through.

this breakfast was 3 dollars from a little place down the road. there's pictures everywhere of the owners family and a faded poster of deli meat and a handwritten endorsement from burt reynolds in red marker on the wall.

i think the best thing about being a celebrity is that you get to write your feelings on the wallpaper of restaurants.

on the way home we collected twigs from a fallen pussy willow to arrange in a vase on the mantle. twigs make lovely decorations but aren't recommended for the construction of houses especially if you're a pig and extra especially if you're expecting wolf visitors.

HAPPY SUNDAY! HAPPY SIGNS OF SPRING! happy whatever you like you should celebrate it and we'll join in.

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Louie said...

$3.00 :-0 !!!! that breakfast looks great!!!! what is that in between the slices of toast????